A flagship Xiaomi device is rumored to have UWB and an in-display camera

Xiaomi is expected to launch a brand new flagship smartphone in the latter part of 2021. As of today, the company’s flagship and the premium android phones include the Mi 11 ultra and Mi Mix Fold. But, if the rumours are to be believed, the new flagship that could be launched later this year will surpass its predecessors with its cutting-edge technology and the Under-Display camera. 

Talking about the features, it will include the Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) tracking technology and an unprecedented Under-Display selfie camera. In recent testing, the Under-Display camera has not been completely suitable for the phones since the display is not yet transparent enough for the light to pass through. Nevertheless, the company aims to get past this hurdle by using a switching prism. 

These new technology features will also help them fight their competitors in the market like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. The UWB technology has already been featured previously by some of Mi’s competing smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12. Both companies use their own technology; namely Smart Tag and AirTags for the Samsung and the iPhone respectively, for accurate tracking of the device. We think that Xiaomi might be gearing up to create and release its own UWB tag in the near future. 

In terms of the specifications, it is rumoured to be boasting a 120W wired fast charging and in support of 70W fast wireless charging. The device will probably come with the latest snapdragon processor and a spectacular camera set-up. 

This enigmatic Xiaomi flagship device carrying the codename “M2106118C” will come as a surprise to the audience and if there is any truth in the circulating talks about the smartphone, we could also be looking at vague hints around a new Xiaomi Ecosystem. 

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