2022 iPhone may come with an under-display Touch ID

According to Analyst Kuo, the design of the next iPhone SE will be very similar to the previous iPhone SE 2020. Apple is also developing a new version of the iPhone with an under-display Touch ID with Face ID support on a LCD screen. He has also said that the company will not bring back the “mini’ series like it had with the iPhone 12. Reports reveal that Apple has stopped production of the 12 Mini due to insufficient sales.

Another reason for this could be that people are buying more phones that are sized 6 inches or more and if they can’t find it within Apple, they have been looking to Samsung to satisfy their appropriate size needs of a phone. This was inferred from the documents that came to light between Apple’s battle with Epic Games. The launch of a mini iPhone will be released this year along with the iPhone 13 line up which is expected to debut this September. But it will most likely be dropped for 2022, for the iPhone 14 line up. Due to a lack of mainstream mini iPhone, Apple is planning to release a new SE as mentioned earlier.

Reports also noted that the company is rumoured to launch two high-end models and two low end models of iPhones in 2022, along with the iPhone 14 lineup. These phones are expected to be released post August 2022. These four phones could be the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone SE. The sizes of the high-end phones is reportedly to be 6.1 and 6.7 inches. 

In terms of the specifications, Kuo has said that the iPhones will contain a 48 MP camera and 12 MP ultra-wide camera. He has touted a possibility of 8K video recording support as well. The major changes include an under-display fingerprint sensor, Face ID and an Hole-Punch display design. 

Apple has introduced a new biometric security mechanism for its Magic Keyboard, which can transmit encrypted biometric data via Bluetooth to the M1 iMac. Apple’s next invention, however, would be the under-display touch-id technology that could be included in the iPhone 14 Series. There are no specific details about the 14 series revealed yet but the audience can expect it to have major changes from the iPhone 13 which is to be launched in the coming months. 

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